Ham Lake Veterinary Hospital

Pet Wellness Exams in Ham Lake

At Ham Lake Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing so you may spend many more joyful years together. That is why we are so dedicated to the importance of preventative care. The greatest method to keep your friend as healthy and happy as possible is to establish a comprehensive pet wellness strategy that includes regular physical examinations.

We're here for all stages of your pet's life.

What To Expect During A Wellness Exam:

Any pet wellness program would be incomplete without bi-annual examinations. Our highly-trained veterinarians can better understand your pet’s baseline health by regularly examining them. Pets mature far more rapidly than humans, so it is critical to detect early signs of illness before they become serious. We must examine your pet twice.

The initial step in caring for a dog that has been treated with flea collars or drops is a complete nose-to-tail evaluation. During this inspection, our veterinarian thoroughly examines your pet’s health. The following are some examples of the wellness exam:


  • Examining your pet’s eyes, ears, skin, and other organs.
  • Check your pet’s temperature.
  • Assess their teeth and gums for signs of dental disease.
  • Listen to their heart and lungs.
  • Mobility or lameness exam.
  • Measure your pet’s weight to ensure that they are within a healthy range.
  • Diagnostic testing, if necessary.

We seek to provide our clients with the greatest possible customer experience, and we truly value your input in all matters. We will also respond to any questions you have about your pet’s health, such as nutrition or behavior, or other concerns you may have regarding keeping your pet happy and healthy during their wellness exam.